Ksuite Installation Tips for Kess V2 V2.15 Ktag V6.070

Kess V2 V2.15 and Ktag V2.13 V6.070 are both popular ECU tools. Here is a guide article to solve some errors on installation.

Question from Customer A:

When I installed the software kess V2 V2.15, the caution of “Ross-Teck cable installed” was always appeared on the computer screen. I even reinstalled all the software, but still useless. What was wrong?

Question from Customer B:

V2.13 Ktag K-Tag firmware V6.070 had the warning “The tool is not updated. Connect the PC to the Internet and run again the software”. I gave my promise that I hadn’t connected the internet during my operation, so the problem didn’t exist here.


As ktag and kess v2 share the same software, they have the same methods to deal with the problems above.


  1. You must install on the XP system, this is quite important.
  2. Before using the Kess V2 master and V2.13 Ktag K-Tag, please make sure the computer has no Internet.
  3. Make sure the device has been update. If not, please update first.

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