OBDSTAR Key RT Review: Price, Test on KIA PCF7935

OBDSTAR key RT is a key renewing product, works with OBDSTAR 300 DP Plus can renew remote keys of cars such as Peugeot, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, RenaultHyundai, etc.

This article will highlight the test report on PCF7935 by key RT.

OBDSTAR key RT renew tool

Price: 555 euro (free shipping)

Package includes:

1pc x Key RT Key Renew Tool

1pc x Main cable

1pc x W001 cable

1pc x W003 cable

1pc x PCF adapter

1pc x PCF 7953_38 adapter

1pc x PCF 7961

1pc x PCF 7952

1pc x PCF 7945AC

1pc x PCF 7941/7341

1pc x PCF 7953 (45)

1pc x Packing box

1pc x Certificate


Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/obdstar-key-renew-tool.html

OBDSTAR key RT renew PCF7935 chip on KIA



Step 1: Connect Key RT with computer

Connect Key RT and PC via USB cable

Connect Key RT power connector


Note: The USB indicator light is on indicates that key RT connected with PC successfully

Select a Kia key


Step 2: Select the corresponding wiring diagram

Click “Kia” -> “V2 (PCF7953)”

Two methods to connect chip PCF7953 with Key RT renew tool


Method 1


Method 2


Step 3: Connect the chip according to the wiring diagram

Connect PCF adapter with key RT


Then connect W001 and PCF adapter

obdstar-key-rt-renew-kia-pcf7935-8 obdstar-key-rt-renew-kia-pcf7935-9

Click “Reset” in software


Result: OBDSTAR key RT renews KIA PCF7953 success!

That’s all!