OBDSTAR X-100 PRO Auto Key Programmer Update (Sep 02, 2016)

This is a fresh update for OBDSTAR X-100 PRO on September 2. It mainly includes adding IMMO programming and EEPROM adapter, optimizing Porsche mileage adjustment system and Maserati oil/service reset system… Here are detailed update information for you!


Adding IMMO programming for OBDStar X-100 PRO Auto Key Programmer:

1) Adding Iveco Beyond IMMO system special function (premiered model);

2) Adding Iveco Beyond BCM system special function (premiered model);

3) Adding 2017 Buick new LaCrosse smart key programming (premiered model);

4) Adding Cadillac CT6 smart key programming (premiered model);

5) Adding Cadillac XT5 smart key programming (premiered model);

6) Adding BAIC D50 mechanical key programming (premiered model);

7) Adding Nissan Cima 13-smart key programming;

8) Adding HNMAZDA M5 IMMO programming system;

9) Adding HNMAZDA M7 IMMO programming system;

10) Adding Zotye Z200 smart key system;

11) Adding BYD Tang IK controller programming;

12) Adding BYD Tang smart Key programming;

13) Adding BYD Tang key information read;

14) Adding BYD Tang steering shaft lock programming;

Adding EEPROM adapter for OBDStar X-100 PRO Key Programmer:

15) Adding Subaru XV BSI 24C02 preamble reads;

16) Adding Subaru XV 93C56 data engine repair;

17) Adding Changan Benben IMMO data case (95040) repairing;

18) Adding Lexus 2014 ES300H smart system initialization;

19) Adding Renault Duster UCH (95040) IMMO Pin Code to read;

20) Adding Renault Logan UCH (93C66) IMMO Pin Code to read

21) Adding Beiqi Saab X25 body ECU95320 IMMO Pin Code to read;

22) Adding Beiqi Saab X35 body ECU95320 IMMO Pin Code to read;

23) Adding Beiqi Saab X55 body ECU95320 IMMO Pin Code to read;

24) Adding Beiqi Saab X65 body ECU95320 IMMO Pin Code to read;

Optimal correction for OBDStar X-100 PRO Auto Key Programmer:

25) Optimized HNMAZDA, Geely, Brilliance and other vehicles IMMO remote control programming;

26) Optimized Porsche mileage adjustment system;

27) Optimized Maserati Oil/Service reset system;