Otosys IM100 add a new key to 2018 Nissan Altima: done!

Good to know: Is AUTO OtoSys IM100 possible to program new keys to cars the 2018 year?

Here you go. Test by cardiagtool.co.uk

Test: Otosys IM100 program new keys to 2018 cars

Car: 2018 Nissan Altima


Key type: smart key


Otosys IM100 immobilizer function starts with 2018 Nissan:

IMMO function->Nissan->Immobilizer smart key programming->TEANA->2016/06 up

otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-11 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-3 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-4 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-5 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-6 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-7 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-8 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-9 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-10

Establish communication
Scanning vehicle system
Register key: Immobilizer information registration

otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-15 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-12 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-13 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-14

Set the vehicle to the following status, and then press OK
-Ignition switch or power switch: LOCK
-Hazard switch: ON (For preventing BCM from entering into CAN cummunication sleep)
-P(A/T) or neutral (M/T)
-Battery voltage: More than 12.5V
-Steering: Not in fully locked


1.Key switch blinks for 5 seconds. Touch the i-Key to key switch while key switch is blinking. A buzzer in the combination meter sounds twice when I-Key is recognized by the vehicle.

Caution: Antenna is installed in upper part (logo side) of I-Key. Touch logo of the l-Key the center of the key switch.  Touch [Next] when preparation is complete.


1:Without depressing the brake, press the ignition switch continuously for 2 or more seconds until the power switch turns ON.
2:Ignition switch changes from LOCK to ON.

otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-18 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-19 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-20 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-21 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-22 otosys-im600-2018-nissan-smart-key-23