How to Cut Dimple Keys With Sec-E9 CNC Automatic Key Machine

Sec-E9-CNC-Automatic-Key-Machine-16 SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Machine can cut various key including automobile keys, motorcycle keys, dimple keys etc. It’s easy to work out and has a light weight, small size. This process will show you how to cut a dimple key with Sec-E9. Connect the power adaptor at first and turn the switch to clockwise to power on Fix the automobile key [...]

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What’s New in Cummins INSITE 8 Fault Codes?

Look here: What’s new of Fault Codes in Cummins INSITE Version 8?   What is Cummins INSITE Fault Codes: Fault codes are Cummins way of letting you know that [...]

How to do BMW CAS4+ All key lost by Yanhua Mini ACDP

How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP for matching CAS4+ All key lost: 1: Read DME ISN code Different models can be read in different ways,refer to the APP help documentation for [...]

How to choose a hand-held OBD2 scanner?

This is for those who are looking for a good handheld OBD2 scan tool for universal cars to have a diagnostic test. Here, we list the most populous obd2 diagnostic tool here [...]

How to choose a good PIN code reader for all cars?

Tips and guides: Which immobilizer PIN code reader to buy & Where to? What is an immobilizer PIN code? immobiliser codes using the vehicle identification number [...]

How-to: VVDI MB TOOL W202 W208 W210 Password Calculation

This is how to calculate password of Mercedes W202 W208 W210, using VVDI MB V4.1.0 - the latest version released on 07-2018.   The released notes saying W202 W208 [...]

OBDSTAR P001 Programmer Chip PCF79xx Wiring Diagram

Chip PCF79xx Wiring Diagram: to connect with a P001 Programmer and work with OBDSTAR X300 DP or X300 DP Plus key master to renew chips. OBDSTAR P001 Programmer wiring [...]

SBB PRO2 Key Programmer vs. SBB Key Programmer

SBB PRO2 V48.88 vs SBB V33.01 vs SBB V46.02: - SBB V33.01 works for cars up to 2011.12 - SBB V46.02 works for cars up to 2015.12 - SBB PRO2 V48.88 works for new cars [...]

(Solved) Ford VCM2 IDS “Selection not available” when module programming

VCM2 module programming error message: “Selection not available” Or message “option unavailable” and the like Ford IDS version: v79 and v84 Optional [...]

How to do VAS5054A EDIC configuration 

To give power to vas5054a for the tests with edic configuration: you need to provide power to the Vas5054a either with car's obd port or with an external 12v power [...]

Kess V2 OBD Reads VAG EDC17CP44 – NO Soldering

Look here: how to use Kess V2 ECU programming tool to read VAG ECU EDC17CP44 through OBD. FYI, the easy way is to read the ECU with a BDM adapter, without soldering. ECU [...]

2018 Xentry Diagnosis OpenShell XDOS – What’s New?

Look here: 2018 Xentry XDOS new features - All diagnosis information can be reached through a simple navigation system. New feature 1: After selecting a vehicle and [...]

(Solved) Xentry SCN Coding Fault: 8.561.6113

Problem: Programming is success, but while SCN Coding processes, "Cal_comm_error" message appear and coding can not be done. Software: I tried 2018.7 ver. 2018.3 ver. [...]