What is Autel MOTOR TruSpeed Repair Function?

Autel released a new online database “MOTOR TruSpeed Repair”. In Autel Diagnostic Tablets, it displays as “Vehicle Data”.

Motor TruSpeed Repair is aimed at providing OEM services and repair data (ADAS and updates included). It covers components location, DTC, TSB, repair steps, wiring diagrams…



Supported Autel Tablets:

New Function Model System Requirements
Vehicle Data Maxisys Ultra/EV/ADAS
Maxisys UltraEV/ADAS
Maxisys Ultra ADAS
Maxisys 919/EV/ADAS
Maxisys 909/EV/ADAS
Maxisys 909EV/ADAS
Maxisys 909CV
System : V3.37 or above
Diagnostics software: Up to date
Maxisys Elite II Pro
MaxiCOM Ultra Lite
MaxiCOM Ultra Lite S
System : V3.37 or above
Diagnostics software: Up to date

*Maxisys Elite II doesn’t support Motor/ Vehicle Data

*Tablets above 2024- support Motor/ Vehicle Data; Tablets above -2024 support Motor/ Vehicle Data & Intelligent Diagnostics (Only Tablets in North America)


Supported Vehicles:


*Ford/Mazda/Mercury/Toyota/Lexus/Scion is not supported

“Vehicle Data” button in menu of vehicles above will display in grey


How to Buy MOTOR TruSpeed Repair?

1)Enter vehicle software and click “Vehicle Data”

*Autel ID must be registered in US/ CA



2)Buy authorization from NA dealer by SN number


How to Use MOTOR TruSpeed Repair?





1.How many years can be purchased at one time?

Only 1-year MOTOR TruSpeed Repair can be purchased at one time.


2.How much is MOTOR TruSpeed Repair?

Motor price is 650 USD per year. (excluding tax)


3.How to refund MOTOR TruSpeed Repair?

Provide the refund reason and proof of purchase, send refund email to Autel North America at ussupport@autel.com. (https://autel.com/us/contact)


4.How to get an invoice of MOTOR TruSpeed Repair online order?

Provide tablet serial number and proof of purchase, send email to billing@autel.com.  (https://autel.com/us/contact)


Done! That’s MOTOR TruSpeed Repair.


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