Promotion:CGDI BMW + FREE 8-Pin Exempt Disassembly Adapter

Good news!!! CARDIAGTOOL has released the latest promotion of CGDI Prog BMW recently. It is very cost-effective to buy CGDI BMW Get Free Reading 8 Foot Chip Free Clip Adapter.

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How much do you need to buy CGDI Prog BMW?

Only need 640 Euro, and you can get free reading 8 foot chip free clip adapter together with free shipping. Click here to know what delivery is available for you:


Top 8 Reasons To Get CGDI Prog BMW MSV80:

1 Latest software version: V2.6.0 (updated on 2019.03.05)

Added: EWS1-3 key matching function.

The E-code is modified to modify the VO code function, and the VO code can be added or deleted directly by the selection method, and the operation is simpler.

The BMW data modification adds support for both N13 and N55 engine data.

2 Supported Languages: English

3 Update: Online.

4 High technical tool which mainly support Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance 3 in 1.

5 Software response fast, short time programming, and new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.

6 Certification: CCC, CE, GS, CCC, CE, GS, ISO

7 Warranty: 1 year
8 Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+, BMW OBD Key Match, CAS4 Key Match, BMW ISN, Bootstrapper upgrades, FEM/BDC Key Match, CAS3 Key Match, BMW F Series Program, BMW Enable/Disable Key, BMW F Series Coding, EGS ISN, CAS Mileage Reset, Porsche 987/911 key learning, 95128/95256 Read and Write, BMW E Series Program, BMW E Series Coding, Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment, BMW Data modification and verification.

What can you do with CGDI 8 pin exempt disassembly adapter?

FEM/BDC with CGDI Prog BMW can read eight pin data exempt from taking it apart. It is easy to use and will not damage chip.