Review on Renault Can Clip V157 from A Senior User

This blog aims to help freshmen to use V157 Can Clip for Renault and give some available suggestions on frequently questions

If you purchase a V157 Renault Can Clip. You will receive a carton box, a can clip Renault diagnostic tool, a 12 pin cable, an OBD II 16 pin cable, USB cable and CD to update software inside.

 renault- can-clip-v157-1

Features should be known first:

Software version: V157

Operating System: Windows XP

Vehicle model: Renault cars from 1996-2016

Language supported: English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, and Swedish.

Main function:

1 Scan, diagnose, and automatically test all Renault models’ computers, reprogramming, airbag test and other functions.
2 Read Renault car vin number.

Install V157 Can Clip

Maybe you have known the basic info before. The next case refers to software installation.

The steps roughly can be defined into 4 stages

Step 1: Install DAEMON tools lite.

Step2: Install Clip V157

Step3: Register Can Clip V157

Step 4: Diagnostic procedure

If you are interested in the more specific instructions on installation, this blog will help you to a certain extent.

How to install Renault Can Clip V157

During the installation, some users will be confused about language changing. For example, how to change English into French? You should select French at the installation step of selecting application language.


If you want to select another language after installation, the only way is to uninstall and then reinstall the software.

Use V157 Can Clip

During using the V157 Can Clip, the four indicated lights flashed at first. When I came to the diagnostic menu, the CAN indicator light off and the connection can’t be established. After consulting with professional engineers, I got two methods to solute the problems.

1 Try to install the software on another laptop, and do not connect with power.

2 Try to diagnostic car with K-line protocol. If it works, but can’t diagnostic car with CAN protocol. Turn back to factory for check is the best way.

Luckily, the first solution solved my problem. Now I share with the users who come across the same situation.

So far, I have tested various functions with Renault Can Clip V157. For example, I tested the status of RenaultⅡMegane 2003 and the switch of its electric windows. V157 Can Clip works well according to my need in general. If I have other experience in the future, I will continue to share with you.