Solved! Autel Ultra Lite Mercedes SCN Coding Stop at 85%

One customer gave feedback that he could not complete SCN coding for his Mercedes using Autel Ultra Lite. Every time I want to do scn encoding, I always get 75% or 85% coding suggestion, and there comes a dozen of DTCs in the system after coding.





After uploading log, here is the Answer:

85% means coding success rate but not processing bar.

There are data 1-5 in database, data 1 coding will be 85% successful.

Coding data in Ultra Lite is similar to car’s original data but not 100% identical.

So, coding won’t be 100% successful and coding is always risky.


Autel could restore original data before coding, so users could try coding again.

Modules works normal.

If modules are damaged, they won’t communicate with car.


If module is used (used esp control unit in this case),

Check if old ECU communicates with car,

If so, install old ECU, back up data, and write data to new ECU;

If not, no data backup from old module, have to restore car by dealers


Done! Hope this could help!