Carprog full

Free Download Carprog Full Kit V12.13 Software

Carprog Full Kit with 21 Adapters is an affordable ECU programmer coming with V8.21 firmware and V12.13 software.   Free Download V12.13 Carprog [...]

What is the CarProg full kit?

CarProg full kit includes carprog main unit with all adapters. Look at the chart in detail...   1pc x CarProg main unit 1pc x A1 - OBD2 [...]

(Solved) CarProg 10.05 Error: Can’t connect to remote server

Carprog full v10.05 displays the error “Can’t connect to remote server” when read & write i20 ECU and click on “find crash”. Generally [...]

How to fix CarProg Antenna

  About Carprog Antenna Fix: replaced 150k with 15k (resistor) 2+3+4 here we need to solder a capacitor with aproximately 6-7 nF(put one or [...]

Carprog clone read pin code OK on Opel even astra H edc16 and Opel Can

Got one Carprog clone and I successfully use to read pin code on older Opel like vectra, astrag, zafira a, on kline. Carprog clone will read pin from astra H [...]

(Solved) Carprog full v9.31 not work because the lib file has wrong serial number

One user feedback about Carprog full V8.31 online and V9.31 (Packed in one CD)"I have genuine an many clones. Why have I many clones you ask, well they go [...]

Carprog Full v8.21 v8.09 online 9.31 OK and Fail experience

I got clone Carprog full v8.21 online and V9.31 ECU programmer for a toy and would share the good and bad experience here. Hope it enlighten others who are [...]

Install Carprog V8.21 Perfect Online Version

Since new Carprog V8.21 firmware version has released at cardiagtool.co.uk, it obtained lots of favorable comments from customers. Here is the software [...]

Carprog V9.31 Software Update News

Full carprog software version has updated to V9.31. It can be free download [...]
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