Alientech Kess3 V1.94 Add Bosch MSE8.0 from Zontes and CF Moto

Alitentech KESS3 V1.94 upgrade is now available!

OBD Remap on Bosch MSE8.0 on CF Moto’s CForce range models and Zontes’ small-displacement ZT models are added.

Check out update info, all KESS3 with an active subscription will enjoy the update!


New ECU:

  • Bosch MSE8.0


Bosch MSE8.0


-RD, WR in OBD

Cforce 450 L Petrol 22 kW
Cforce 450 S Petrol 22 kW
Cforce 520 S Petrol 27 kW
Cforce 520 L Petrol 27 kW
Cforce 850 XC Petrol 45 kW



-RD, WR in OBD

ZT 125-U Petrol 11 kW
ZT 155-U Petrol 14 kW


*Activate KESS3 BIKE – OBD Protocol and increase the job opportunities for your workshop. And if you don’t want to miss any updates, keep your subscription and take advantage of the technological edge at your disposal!


Stay tuned!