Autel IM608 II Ford Mustang 2015- AKL Programming Tips (Active Alarm)

Ford after around 2015 may have systems that require BCM data to add keys. With active alarm on, key programming in 2mins is not possible.

Here is a case with some important tips,

Car: Ford Mustang 2015

Key: 900 MHZ

Tools: Autel IM608 II with G-BOX3



bcm memory read again, start the learning procedure with dump from bcm, and when you get the message:

To deactivate factory alarm:

Close all doors, open drivers door… turn ignition on (akl prox cannot do it), wait 10-15 min before you will hear 2 chirps from vehicle then the factory alarm is deactivated , you need to learn keys immediately (in 1 min, or alarm will activate again) Don’t press nothing, connect a power prove to pulsating positive of horn, negative signal is steady, wait 10-15 min signal is pulsating constantly 2 3 times for intervals of 2 min, after 7-9 min there is no more noise, after 10-15 min two chirps, and then you can press ok, after here ” you have just 1 minute to do the key learning, it is gonna tell you that you need at least two keys to do it, but since you are using dump to trick car, you just need one to add, it is gonna ask to turn ignition on (akl smart key cannot do it). no need to turn ignition on”, press ok, then is gonna give you the amount of key already in car, just put key in slot on rear cup holder, remove rubber, inside is a small slot/ hole that will fits almost exactly key, press ok and it should program it.




– if you wanna erase the other keys that are lost you need two keys.

– you have to keep in mind to have the exact frequency of remote, it’s weird because I did a 2017 mustang with 315mhz and this 2015 was 900mhz. (usa)

– I tried to program with Xhorse Smart Remote, it programming it, but prox didn’t work well, couldn’t open door with prox, at first just lock and unlock function worked also I started car when remote was in my pocket, then after a couple of starts, key stopped working (didn’t work lock and unlock functions neither push button start while key on my pocket) and now I just could start car when key was in the slot.

– recommended key for 900 mhz, and the key I used was high frequency autel key, it worked and fixed prox function (now I also can unlock door without pressing any button)

– don’t forget to put tape on top of sensors

– drivers door latch all the way close (two positions)

– lock all doors with drivers door open with latch close

– because I tried so many times battery was low so I use jump wires and connected to my car, (removing negative of my car of course) And I have to leave hood open, so NO NEED TO LATCH HOOD.



Credit to Kev Is