FoxFlash Update on Protocols for Porsche PDK Gearbox

FoxFlash ECU Tool released new updates on protocols for Porsche PDK gearbox on February 25th. Now Original FoxFlash allows you to R/W Porsche PDK gearbox in Boot mode easily.


Support List:

Porsche 911.2 Siemens PDK4000

Porsche 918 Siemens PDK3000

Porsche 918 Siemens PDK4000

Porsche Boxster 718 Siemens PDK3000

Porsche Boxster 981 Siemens PDK4000

Porsche Carrera 991 Siemens PDK3000

Porsche Carrera 991 Siemens PDK4000

Porsche Cayman Siemens PDK4000

Porsche Macan Siemens PDK3000

Porsche Macan Siemens PDK4000

Porsche Panamera Siemens PDK3000

Porsche Panamera Siemens PDK4000


Through tests, operations will cost

Read: 12 minutes and 36 seconds

Write: 6 minutes and 18 seconds


To Update,

Run the FoxFlash manager, click Download, then everything will be done.


More functions in the future