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FoxFlash Read DCM3.3+ Renesas SH72544 OBD or Boot Mode?

One customer wonders if FoxFlash Tool would full backup DCM3.3+ Renesas SH72544. And if the module would be bricked over OBD mode or have to be done via Boot [...]

FoxFlash Add BMW MINI MEVD17.2.7 Bench Read/ Write

BMW MINI MEVD17.2.7 is added into FoxFlash ECU Programmer on Sept. 6th, 2023! Support List (Bosch MEVD17.2.7): BMW--Bosch MEVD17.2.7--Bench/ [...]

FoxFlash Update on Isuzu EDC17C83 Bench/Boot Protocol

FoxFlash released a new Bench protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83. Take a look at the details! ECU: Isuzu EDC17C83 TC1793   Supported [...]

Solved! FoxFlash Fail to Connect MED9.1 on Bench

Question: MED9.1 on bench will not connect. Bench box with stable PSU, and tried all pinouts but FoxFlash Tool will not read [...]

How to Fix Incorrect Software Number in FoxFlash Programmer?

One customer gave feedback that FoxFlash Programmer incorrectly identifies the software number of Toyota Hilux. Such a number (30K89200) for software [...]

FoxFlash ECU Programmer Read TCU DQ200 Tips

One customer asked if it is possible to run TCU DQ200 with FoxFlash Programmer. The answer is Yes, and here are some tips you may [...]

FoxFlash New Update on FCA Continental GPEC ECU

FoxFlash ECU Tuning Tool released its new update on FCA ECU at March 15th. This update allows users to read/ write GPEC2/ GPEC3/ GPEC4LM/ GPEC2A in Boot [...]

FoxFlash Ducati Bosch ME17.9.21 Update

FoxFlash Programmer new update on Ducati Bosch ME17.9.21 is released in March 3rd! Support Model: Ducati 1.198 150hp   Support [...]

Is It Safe to Use Extension Cable for FoxFlash?

Question: Is it safe to use an extension cable to connect FoxFlash Main Unit and bench box, DB15 Male<>Female? Here FoxFlash engineer [...]

FoxFlash Update on Protocols for Porsche PDK Gearbox

FoxFlash ECU Tool released new updates on protocols for Porsche PDK gearbox on February 25th. Now Original FoxFlash allows you to R/W Porsche PDK gearbox in [...]

How is FoxFlash for Delphi DCM6.2AP DCM6.2C?

One customer asked how is FoxFlash Tool for Delphi DCM6.2AP DCM6.2C. In recent updates, FoxFlash enhances its function on Delphi DCM6.2AP DCM6.2A [...]

FoxFlash January Update Toyota Gen1 Delphi DCM6.2AP/A/C/V

Here are new updates of FoxFlash ECU Tool in January. *Connect your tool to network, it will update automatically 1.Bench Mode TRICORE [...]

FoxFlash Read DCU 101 Ford Transit 2.2 d by Boot Success

FoxFlash support DCU-10x Fiat/ Ford/ Peugeot/ Citroen by boot mode. Here is a review of Ford DCU: DCU 101 Ford Transit 2.2 d FoxFlash reading uploading [...]

FoxFlash Possible to Work on Delco E98 Full Clone?

One customer gave feedback that FoxFlash read Opel Delco E98 ID and Flash without problem but app crashed when reading EEPROM and Backup. So, is [...]

Fixed! FoxFlash Read BMW Edc17CP02 or C06/CP06 on Bench Fail

One customer had a problem with BMW EDC17CP02 CP06 on bench. With every pin connected and bench box powered, FoxFlash Hardware can't [...]

How to Fix FoxFlash Damaged by Power Oversupply?

Question: Is it possible to fix this FoxFlash? I gave power to the programmer from both sides to make it damaged, and now it has no communication with the [...]

Solved! FoxFlash Can’t Read VAG EDC17CP54 on Bench?

One customer gave feedback that his FoxFlash can't read EDC17CP54. Besides, all cable connection is fine he had checked. Here is the [...]

Solved! FoxFlash OBD Read SID309 Unlock Password Fail

Question: SID309 OBD password unlock stop at 57%. Waited for 20 minutes and nothing was happening. How to make FoxFlash Software continue?   Here [...]

How is FoxFlash for FCA PCM GPEC MPC55xx?

One customer wondered if FoxFlash read/ write gpec2. Here Cardiagtool tech Answer: FoxFlash Software support GPEC2A, GPEC3, GPEC4, GPEC4LM but [...]

How to Use FoxFlash Software at 6 Computers?

Dear FoxFlash Customers: Now V1.3.0 FoxFlash Manager is available now, which allows you to run the software on 6 computers at most.   If you [...]
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