How to Solve Autel AP200 “VCI not connected” Error?

Quick Question:

Autel AP200 Scanner, it pairs with the phone but does not connect to vci. My iphone works well but android 14 fails. AP200 app just got stuck on that screen.



Also tried to cancel vci connection, pairs ok but won’t talk to the vci as in the photo above.


Here Cardiagtool engineer answers:

1.Make sure there are no other mobile phones around trying to connect to this VCI. It is best to disconnect all the ones you have connected and cancel the connection record of iphone

2.Is this iphone connected to other VCIs? If so, disconnect it first to avoid interference

3.Have you installed other Autel apps? If so, do not open them at the same time as they will interfere with each other

4.Try to click “Done”


Then Autel AP200 should work fine.


Done! Hope this could help!