Alientech KESS3 Slave Read Denso RHF4 4N15 Tips

One customer asked is there a protocol for this Denso 4N15 MA275700-9692 on KESS3. He can’t even get an ID reading the file is just mumbojumbo almost encryption looking. It is got to be corrupted that should be the issues


Here are some tips for this 4N15:

For Protocol,

Denso ra6, OBD only on table. Check connection when opening protocol.



For Encryption Looking,

That tool must be a KESS3 Slave.

If data is encrypted, he can’t read it but Master can, and he won’t see any data at all be all symbols etc.

To solve it,

Just connect on bench with wiring, id it, read backup save as whatever name and send to master then write it back.

KESS3 Master vs. Slave,

Slave tools can do everything a master tool can do but the data it pulls out of the ECU is encrypted, master then decrypts it, modifies the file, encrypts it and sends it back and he write thes file to the ECU.


Done! That’s all notices for 4N15.