Read W211 HC12: Xprog & R270 success! Vvdi Prog failed!

To read Mercedes-benz W211 HC12, which programmer is best? Here is what i tested with Vvdi Prog, Xprog and R270 programmers. Vvdi Prog failed, while Xprog and R270 success!

vvdi prog can not read w211-Hc12.I test by 2 eis… both failed.

vvdi prog can read w211-st very fast

But I read with R270 programmer no problem…. (new R280 should be ok)

R270 can read w211-Hc12 eeprom and flash.
choose the correct maskset of MCU for R270

W211 had 0K50E and 3K91D.
Here diagram for Xprog and R270.
Xprog read with MCU part: W211 – HC12 EZS Xprog.jpg


R270 with MCU maskset: W211_0K50E(3K91D) R270.JPG