(Solved) Carprog full v9.31 not work because the lib file has wrong serial number

One user feedback about Carprog full V8.31 online and V9.31 (Packed in one CD)”I have genuine an many clones.

Why have I many clones you ask, well they go duff a lot easier than the genuine and sometimes I haven’t just time to repair until later. 2nd they cost buttons.

If the clone menu is activated it works the same as the genuine.

The latest Carprog v8.21 comes with v9.31

Carprog V9.31 does not work at all because the lib file has the wrong serial number. V8.21 works because the lib file has the correct serial number. Bought from cardiagtool.co.uk (Item

No. SE53-B)”

Finally, Carprog V9.31 works after the customer service sent me v9.31 software for free

Download, the link as follows:



Read more Carprog full V8.21 using tips:

In the packed CD, there are both optional software V8.21 and V9.31, software V8.21 requires to active and it will automatically get new tokens when it used up. Software V8.21 can be used online while software V9.31 can be used without activation.


Workable Operation Systems (OS):



Please refer to carprog full V8.21 user manual on detailed using tips: