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X431 PROS Mini vs. Pros V vs. V+ vs. PRO5 vs. PAD III vs. PAD VII

In this article, we are going to compare all Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet.   X431 Diagnostic Tablet Comparison: Launch X431 Series Product [...]

X431 IMMO Elite vs. IMMO Plus vs. X431 V+ vs. PAD VII

In this article, we are going to compare IMMO functions of 4 Launch X431 IMMO Tablets: IMMO Elite, IMMO Plus, X431 V+, and PAD VII. We will see the differences [...]

Launch X431 V+/ PRO5 New Updates on Topology

To enhance the differences between 10-inch Launch X431 Tablets and 8-inch items, 10-inch items will update the functions below: Items: Launch [...]

How to program Nissan Car keys by Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool

This article is to share the Nissan Car keys programming Demo via Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tablet to all customers who support cardiagtool OBD2 [...]

TOP 3 Bidirectional Diagnostic Scanner In-depth Review

A bi-directional scanner can not only connects to a car’s engine computer to read error codes but as well as sends commands. Besides, this kind of diagnostic [...]

How to Solve Launch X431 V+ diagnostic tool VCI Not Connected Error?

Customer from European countries reports this error to our customer service, which goes that “Launch X431 V+ diagnostic tool VCI Not Connected?” How is [...]

Top 3 Automotive Key Programmer Review 2021: Most Selling and Competitive ones

This article will give customers the answers on how to choose the best car key programmer. There are a variety of car key programmers on the market that makes [...]

How can LAUNCH X431 V+ Compete Against Autel MaxiSys Elite Scanner?

Autel MaxiSys Elite and LAUNCH X431 V+ Scanner are both currently competitive diagnostic scanner on market and positioned as ideal for professionals. But what [...]

What’s the Difference Between Autel MaxiSys Elite and Launch X431 V+?

This article will show the all-around comparison between  Autel MaxiSys Elite and Launch X431 V+. Let two representative scanners in the Autel and LAUNCH [...]

HONDA Engine ECU Replacement by LAUNCH X431

This post comes with guide to replace engine ECU for Honda by LAUNCH diagnostic tool. It is applicable to Launch X431 PRO, X431 PRO3 and X431 [...]

Launch X431 Pro Unknown Airbag Trouble Diagnosis for Lamborghini Gallardo 2011

Launch X431 Pro
How to use Launch X431 Pro to diagnose airbag warning unknown trouble on 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo? Check the step-by-step guide below. What you [...]

How to Reset Oil on 2012 Peugeot 308 by Launch X431 Scanner?

Launch X431 Pro
Which launch X431 scanner can reset oil service for 2012 Peugeot 308? How to do?   Issue: the maintenance lamp appears on the dashboard of 2012 [...]

Launch X431 V+ Pro3 Customer Reviews

Launch X431 V+ (X431 Pro3) is a full system diagnostic tool featuring ECU coding, activation test and other powerful diagnostic functions with wide vehicle [...]

Launch X431 V+ Review

Launch X431 V+ is full system auto diagnostic scan tool which is the update version of  X431 V Pro. It support  all systems diagnostics, ecu coding, key [...]

Launch X431 V 8 inch Customer Reviews

Launch X431 V is a drop-tested Android™ based scan tool tablet with an 8″ high resolution IPS touch screen (1280 x 800). It inherits from LAUNCH's [...]

How to update Launch X431 V+?

Here is a comprehensive guide to update Launch X431 V+ tool and new introduction. Part 1: Update guide: Step 1: Download the new program by the link as [...]

Launch X431 V 8 inch Review: High Cost-Effective Sacn Tool

I was in search of diagnostic tool for my F150 to diagnose several ABS issues and bought Launch X431 V 8 inch 3 days ago on my brother’s [...]

Launch X431 PRO3 Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning

This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning - clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models. Upload images... Select FORD Launch X431 [...]

Video: Launch X431 V 8 inch Tablet User Manual

  This is a Launch X431 V 8 inch diagnostic tool user manual through a video of real operation, made by the team working for [...]

Launch X431 V 8 inch Tablet Question & Answers (FAQ)

launch-x431-v-8inch-tablet-diagnostic-tool-1 (1)
Here are FAQs of Launch X431 V 8 inch OBD scan tool. Big thanks to engineers working for cardiagtool.co.uk. Top 3 FAQs: Launch x431 v support coding [...]
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