Tech 2 review: working for for Cadillac and Hummer H3

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking [...]

How to change RPO F45 option codes to Corvette’ with TECH 2

This details out what exactly is needed to add/change RPO option codes to existing 1997+ Corvette's, using a Tech 2 scan tool. These instructions will also [...]

Gm Tech 2 vs EFI live vs HP Tuner

  Can HP tuners & EFI live do the same things as the TECH 2? what works better and has more control over all the computers settings? Hp [...]

How to get Launch J-box to work with Tech2Win

Tech2 software Tech2win possible to work with Launch JBox? Yes! Launch J-Boxis in fact CARDAQ Plus interface, so yes it works with tech2win software [...]

How to program key fobs on Chevrolet 09 by GM TECH2?  

  Here a procedure on how to program key fobs on Chevrolet 09 by GM TECH2 with 32MB card and CANdi module. Purpose: Program Key Fobs Car [...]