Autel IM508 VW Golf 2009 NEC 24C64 AKL Programming OK without Soldering

In this article, we’ll show you how to do VW Golf 2009 all key lost programming using Autel IM508 Programmer + XP400PRO without soldering.


Connect IM508 to OBD port.

Enter Volkswagen menu, select “IMMO IV Instrument CAN”.

Auto Detect Instrument NEC+24C64.


Select “All keys lost (via bump)”.



Step 1. Back up ABS code

Back up ABS code via OBD.


Step 2. Read EEPROM data (via programmer)

Turn off and remove cluster, clamp 24C64 chip by APA103 adapter and read it by XP400PRO Programmer.

autel-im508-vw-golf-2009-nec-24c64-akl-programming-ok-without-soldering-3 autel-im508-vw-golf-2009-nec-24c64-akl-programming-ok-without-soldering-4

Read original eeprom data in service mode.



Step 3. Write EEPROM data (via programmer)

Write eeprom data in service mode.


Step 4. Write EEPROM data (via OBD)

Restore cluster, connect Autel IM508 to OBD port


Write eeprom data via OBD.



Step 5. Read IMMO data

Then we have immo data.



Step 6. Make Dealer Key

Connect IM508 to XP400PRO, and put a new key into coil.



Step 7. Key Learn

Turn on the ignition by new key

Smart Key? No.


Turn off the ignition, wait for 5 seconds, and turn on again.

Step 8. Recover ABS code

Recover ABS code via OBD.


Done! That’ s how we add a key for VW Golf 2009 by Autel IM508 Key Programmer + XP400PRO Programmer.

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