Kess/Ktag clone correct checksums: Yes or No?


Test report of Kess V2/Ktag for checksum correction, help you to get a decent tool to do checksums.


SID208: YES!

My Ktag Clone was 6.070 and Updated few Months ago in EU and Rework the PCB Complete.
Have NEVER Problem!
Continental SID208 Read & Write without Problem


EDC17C50 and CP45: YES!

I have teste Ktag 7.020 on several F-series.
Works perfect.
EDC17C50 and CP45 (520d and m550d)



I was battling with an MSS60. According to this ECU, you must do a full read and then straight after that you must do a full write. After you’ve done that, the ECU is open for you to load your tunes based on partial reads and writes. The reason for the full read and full write is that it takes off the tuning protection on the ECU.
I did a full read a month ago, and only did a full write a week ago. Whenever I tried to write the tune file, the ECU would be bricked and come back with a checksum error after the write. So the secret is to do the write directly after the read. I did this with a Galletto but the process is the same for Kess. I now write my custom tunes with Kess to the ECU, and KSuite corrects the checksums for the partial writes.
The process is different for other ECUs I’d imagine.


BMW edc 17: NO!

Vw edc 17 Cp14: NO!

Audi edc17 cp20: NO!

Guys my ktag Reworked, work werry good on edc 17 but no checksum correction, BMW edc 17 no checksum corection, read write perfect , checksum corrected with winols, all ok , edc 17 Cp14 vw same, edc17 cp20 Audi same
Had somebody tested 7.020 China on BMW F-series, I have no ecu to test with


sagem3000: NO!

I used to have problem with checksum in latest sagem3000.


Vag edc17cp14: NO!

i have genuine full KTAG , i confirm that has many problems to. Tested on edc17cp14 vag , will fail to correct checksum.


Note that Maybe for the clones failing to correct ck on newer Ecus might be down to online/ server calculations or original software being incorrorct when it is cracked


Tech support: Checksum Error:

Every time, when you run k-tag k-suite software, read the ecu information, and then show “checksum error”,  the k-suite software is shut down.


If You have problem with checksum when R/W only flash, Your OS dont have C++ library. Two way:
– download C++ libarary from net -> instal it
– download from alientech website ksiute 1.85 -> install it, it will install C++ automatically -> remove dir C:\KSiute -> Replace it with KSiute dir which You get from Your clone supplier -> restart WIN -> be happy with Your master ktag.

Solution tested and works on 3 computers.


I think it is helpful and make less stress for ktag clone users.

Ktag/Kess confirmed to correct checksums NO ISSUES: