fly-vcm-ids-3-1 V110.04 FLY VCM IDS 3 is a technical diagnostic scanner tool for Ford&Mazda that covers all ford and mazda up to 2018 year, which is more powerful and more comprehensive than VCM 2 IDS V97.   VCM IDS 3 has the newest version of VCM IDS including Ford IDS V110.04 and Mazda IDS V109. BTW, you don’t need install the software with virtual [...]

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Xhorse VVDI PROG V4.4.6 free download, update details, user manual

Xhorse VVDI PROG V4.4.6 is the newest updated software version at present. Here is Xhorse VVDI PROG V4.4.6 free download link for [...]

Diagbox V7.76 installation guide for Lexia-3 PP2000

Here is installation guide of Diagbox V7.76 for Lexia-3 PP2000 Peugeot Citroen Diagnostic Tool System Requirements: Windows XP, 512 MB ​​RAM Language: [...]

Solution to the BMW scanner 1.4.0 connecting error with IKE / EWS

connection error with ews
This post shares the solution to the BMW scanner 1.4.0 PA Soft connecting error on your screen 'connection error with EWS' and 'connection error with IKE'. These following [...]

How XPROM V5.60 with USB dongle Read write ECU data

XPROM V5.6.0-10 Step14
  Newest XPROM V5.6.0 ECU programmer with a USB dongle is tested ok and verified with more features.  XPROM V5.6.0 is superior to the older versions at following [...]

VVDI MB Tool V2.1.1 free download, update info and procedure

July 5, 2016 update, VVDI MB Tool firmware V2.1.1 and software V2.1.1 is tested ok and available to download with pass public, please browse following link to download and [...]

(Solved) Carprog full v9.31 not work because the lib file has wrong serial number

One user feedback about Carprog full V8.31 online and V9.31 (Packed in one CD)"I have genuine an many clones. Why have I many clones you ask, well they go duff a lot easier [...]

Newest Update XTOOL PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series TOYOTA V10.90, VW V9.06

    Here is newest update info of XTOOL PS2/ PS90:   1.XTOOL PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series TOYOTA V10.90 TOYOTA V10.90 Language: English, [...]

Buy Original JMD HANDY BABY CBAY or TJECU CN900 MINI key clone machine?

This post compares original JMD HANDY BABY CBAY and TJECU CN900 MINI key clone machine at three aspects including Manufacture, test report and PCB, hope it light others who [...]

Carprog Full v8.21 v8.09 online 9.31 OK and Fail experience

I got clone Carprog full v8.21 online and V9.31 ECU programmer for a toy and would share the good and bad experience here. Hope it enlighten others who are confused on this [...]

Ford IDS V100.03 running at VXDIAG VCX NANO Free download and Setup

connect device usb-05
Ford IDS V100.03 is tested ok with VXDIAG VCX NANO hardware, and available to free download. This post firstly shares Ford IDS V100.03 free download & nice feature, [...]

Experience with new OBDSTAR X300 Pro key master

Following parts are about my personal experience with new OBDSTAR programmer X300 Pro key master, hope it helps. 9th June, 2016 update Just got 2 of OBDSTAR newest [...]

VXDIAG VCX NANO for Jaguar Land Rover FAQ, setup, tips, update – all here

Post is on VXDIAG VCX NANO for Jaguar Land Rover setup instruction, tips, update and FAQ, all info here, please go on for checking. Part 1: VXDIAG Nano for Jaguar Land [...]