How to get Mini ACDP App to program with iPhone iOS?

Yanhua Mini ACDP iOS user manual: Download: Run Wechat (or other working apps) and scan the QC code Click on the icon ... in the top right corner showed in the picture and open it via Safari Install & Setup: Install App - Mini ACDP ACDP installation complete Setup ACDP app before using it Go to Settings, [...]

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How to install I-2015 multi-diag J2534

Engines has developed I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device,here is the instruction on how to install I-2015 Multi-Diag. Basic info: Latest Version: [...]

ND900 mini transponder key pro- the replacement of old ND900

The old ND900 key pro is well-known because it's made good quality and works fine, while some users complain they have to pay additional 4D 4C 46 G box if needed. we hear [...]

J2534 JDiag Elite Diagnostic and Coding Programming User Manual

Here is all about the newest JDiag Elite J2534 Diagnostic and Coding Programming tool from JDiag Inc. The introduction about JDiag Elite J2534 includes the following [...]

Mercedes S550 start and stop with too short a duration, how to do

  This post starts with the issue that 2007 S550 start and stop with too short a duration, what's the problem located in? how to do? Go on reading following [...]

Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers on technical issues

VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers: Q: Can the VVDI MB BGA tool be helpful when all keys lost on the W204? A: currently parts of chassis(W166, W246, W212, [...]

VCM2 Solve Ford Tourneo Connect immobilizer problem  

Car model and year: Ford Tourneo 1.8 TDCI year 2007 Tool to use: Run by IDS with VCM2 Trouble code: Codes B1602, B2139-60 and a few others which refers to [...]

Foxwell NT510 set injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender /Discovery

Foxwell NT510 is verified to be able to set the injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender and Discovery. Read details as follows. Car model and year: Land Rover [...]

BMW M6 F13 Gearbox is locked on P, how to Solve?

This post begins with BMW M6 F13 Gearbox problem description, and then followed with solution. Hope it helps if you had the exact same problem. Car model and year: BMW [...]

How to use ISTA/P to import an enabling code (FSC)

This the user manal to help import enabling codes (FSC) with BMW ICOM A2 ISTA/P Requirement - ICOM A2 + ISTA-P – ZIP archive file with: release code (FSC) file [...]

How to update ICOM A2 firmware to V1.4

Here is the instruction on how to update ICOM A, A2 firmware to the newest version 1.4, with free download “ICOM A2 Firmware V1.4 BootImage Bin”. Free download ICOM [...]

New Genius K-touch ECU programmer

New Genius K-Touch ECU programmer is Upgrade Kess v2 Chip Tuning Tool, it is Handheld KESS V2 version, don't need k-suite PC software,  Adds more new ECUs than KESS V2, New [...]

The way to update Autel MaxiDiag Elite from 4 systems to full Systems

As known, Autel MaxiDiag Elite Scanner is available with two models: MaxiDiag 4 systems Pro and MaxiDiag full systems. The 4-systems scanner works on the basic 4 systems [...]