Mongoose (Pro) SP116 SP205 SP205-B: Which is the best?

jlr-mongoose-cable-clone-pcb-1 For those interested. I just received the new Mongoose Pro (clone, SP205) I ordered after my original Mongoose (non Pro, SP116) died on me.   I noticed on several Chinese suppliers sites that the Mongoose Pro is mentioned as being V142 and it seems to be technically different having more / better voltage protectors. They also mention JLR 1.37 [...]

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KESS V2 Newest software Ksuite V2.25 V2.28 is Available-no issues

Newest update for you! KESS V2 software Ksuite V2.25 V2.28 is Available at, both versions have bees tested and verified working without issues, you can use [...]

Free download VVDI2 Full Key Programmer Newest Software V1.2.3

Xhorse VVDI2 is a commander key programmer supports more powerful functions and vehicles (such as BMW, Porsche, VW, Audi) than VVDI. Here share with users the newest update [...]

How to use VVDI MB BGA tool add one more key on Mercedes w169?  

  If you have Mercedes w169 to add new key with VVDI MB BGA tool, I am sure following questions and answers will help you much. Question: I have w169 and I need [...]

FORD Fiesta ST 2015 (euro version) mod dashboard by obdstar x100 pro & X300M

This post starts a question that he wants to mod dashboard on an FORD Fiesta ST 2015 (euro version), then follows with tools advice, you will see the best tools are upa usb [...]

Kia Sportage 2016 mileage program by OBDSTAR x100 pro / X300M

Here a case to do Kia Sportage 2016 odometer/ mileage program by OBDSTAR x100 pro and X300M mileage programmer. Car model and year: Kia Sportage 2016 Purpose: Works on [...]

Breaking Discount! All VXDIAG Series Promotions At

Here I will offer you the latest price of all VXDIAG Series products. They are all At the lowest price in the market. This is a time-limited promotion. If you are satisfied [...]

Xtool X-100C Ford/Mazda/Peugeot/Citroen Key Programmer 4 in 1

Xtool X-100C AUTO Key Programmer is newly released on Here you can get the full information about this locksmith tool. It has 3 attractive pros: It [...]

How to install FGTECH galletto v54 on win7

Here are step-by-step procedure on how to install FGTECH galletto v54 on both XP and win7. Install sw to default place c:\fgtech Plug galletto v54 to usb [...]

How does OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 key master add F108+ PSA pin code reading function?

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 key master users attention please: This is a piece of exciting news, X300 PRO3 key master can perform PSA (incl. canbus and kline) pin code reading and [...]

How to Install BMW ICOM A3 D-link and able WIFI function?

Some BMW ICOM A3 with WIFI function users have no idea how to install BMW ICOM A3 D-link and able WIFI function, here a step-by-step procedure. Option 1: If you want to [...]

Review on GDS VCI for KIA & Hyundai With Trigger Module

I just searched on the hyundai-forums for some advice on choosing a diagnostic tool for my 2014 Hyundai Santa Sport, here I will share with you my experience. Before buying [...]

KESS V2 and MINI DSG reader – best VW Audi DSG transmission DQ200 DQ250 programmer

I claim following paragraphs are based on my real test results. I conclude both KESS V2 and MINI DSG reader are the best VW Audi DSG transmission DQ200 DQ250 [...]