Free Download VVDI PROG V4.9.1

Xhorse VVDI Prog has been updated to V4.9.1, here share the related update info and free download link. More old software also can be downloaded, incl. V4.9.0, V4.8.9, V4.8.7, V4.8.5, V4.8.4, V4.8.3. 1.VVDI PROG V4.9.1 Updated on Feb. 19th, 2020 1).Free [...]

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Free download and install CAN CLIP V158 Diagnostic Tool

  CLIP V158 is released with new features: fitted in new vehicle including Scenic IV and Captur/Kaptur BR/IN/RU. Part 1: CLIP V158 Torrent Free [...]

OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment feedback on works and fail  

OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment tool is newly released and already receive many users feedback on what it works and fails, details as follows, hope it helps. As for the fail [...]

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Error “Printing Failed” (Solved)

I write this blog to share my experience to solve the problem of “Printing Failed” or “not all frame received by AP (Autel Printer)” with Autel MaxiDiag Elite [...]

Volvo 88890300 Vocom and VCADS Pro 2.40 Comparison

What’s the difference between Volvo 88890300 Vocom interface and Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40? This blog will summarize some distinctions between them. Vehicle model [...]

Kess V2 Firmware V4.036 Installation Tips for Software Versions

Ksuite Kess V2 V4.036 ECU chip tuning is well received among old and new users. This blog provides some valueble information to help you download and install the different [...]

MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Key Erase Issue on 2000 Ford Focus (fixed)

I write this blog to share my problem about Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P key erasure on 2000 ford focus and its solution with you. Vehicle model and year: 2000 Ford [...]

Solutions about Maxisys Mini MS905 Updating and Using Error

As a senior user, I write this blog to share some available solutions to solve the errors when update and use Autel Maxisys Mini MS905 About update Problem [...]

Mini CN900/ND900 Key Programmer vs. CN900/ND900 Key Programmer

Since mini CN900 and mini ND900 key programmer has released, both of them were sold well. Actually they already have the tendency to replace the CN900 and ND900 key programmer [...]

How to Solve V142 JLR Mangoose Pro Software Expired Tips

When I used the JLR mangoose SDD pro V142, it reminded me that the software has been expired. So I write this blog to share with you the problem and its solution in [...]

New Added Vehicle Model Supported by OBDSTAR X100 Pro

This blog lists the specific vehilcle models supported by OBDSTAR X100 Pro on the function of odometer correction and key programming. All these neww added models has been [...]

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 vs. Foxwell GT80 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 vs. Foxwell GT80 Scanner This blog shows us the comparison between Autel MaxiDAS DS708 and Foxwell GT80 diagnostic tool. item Autel MaxiDAS [...]

Problem with CDP Diagnostic Tool Wow and Dephi V2014.3 (fixed)

This blog records the compatibility problem and its solution about Wow and Dephi V2014.3 software when I use the tcscdp diagnostic tool. Problems description: I have a [...]

Review on OEM Orange 5 V1.34 Programming Device

I will describe my experience with the programming device OEM Orange 5 in this blog. Sincerely hope to help people who have intention to purchase it. I was trying [...]

Review on Ksuite Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning

Recently, I purchased a Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning. I will share my experience with you in this blog. I was confused about finding an auto ECU programmer for pulling and [...]

Vbox Volvo XC90 Better Than Volvo Vida Dice?

It is said the new released Vbox Volvo XC90 diagnostic tool can replace the traditional Volvo Vida Dice. This blog aims to compare these two diagnostic tools to get the [...]

Install Carprog V8.21 Perfect Online Version

Since new Carprog V8.21 firmware version has released at, it obtained lots of favorable comments from customers. Here is the software installation guide for [...]

Which Car Key Programmer Tool Is Better for Chip 4D67 4D68

One of my customers asked me a question about how to choose car key programmer to make keys. Here is the specific information. Customer’s description: Vehicle model: [...]

Scania Diagnose Programmer 3 VCI3 Ceases to Be Valid(fixed)

Several days ago, I purchased a V2.24 Scania VCI3. I will share my problem during installation with you in this blog. It cost me €199 with 3 days delivery. The product [...]