Autel MaxiIM IM608 Update Guide

autel-im608-update-tips-5 Autel MaxiIM IM608 is a hot-sale multi-language diagnostic and key programming tool at Here mainly shares the update tips for Autel auto technicians and locksmiths. Autel IM608 Update Advantages: 1.One year free online update. Update subscription: $895 per year. 2.Autel IM608 Update application allows you to download the [...]

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Ksuite Installation Tips for Kess V2 V2.15 Ktag V6.070

Kess V2 V2.15 and Ktag V2.13 V6.070 are both popular ECU tools. Here is a guide article to solve some errors on installation. Question from Customer A: When I installed [...]

Feedback on Obdstar X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer

Last week, I bought an obdstar X100 pro auto key programmer online to get the function of eeprom. I got my obdstar X100 after 3 days delivery. The package was well [...]

Ford 2015 Key Programming with Magic Wand 4D Obdstar F100

Transponder chip generator magic wand 4D is a new released device to generate and copy chips. This blog will display how to use magic wind and F100 to do immobilizer key [...]

Reset Tokens for KESS V2 ECU Chip Tuning Tool

V2.22 Kess v2 unlimited token is one of the most popular device equipped with powerful function on reading and writing the data of engine ECU. Here is the instruction on how [...]

Install Ford IDS V100.01 Software for VCM II Clone

The engine has released the newest software version of clone ford VCM II IDS V100.01 recently. Here is the instruction of installation step by step. Software Version:IDS [...]

Ford VCM II IDS V100.01 Software Free Download

Ford VCM II IDS software version has updated to V100.01.It can be free download here: IDS V100.01 [...]

Update MB Smart 451 Gearbox with SD Connect C4

Yesterday, I completed the project that updating Mercedes-Benz Smart 451 gearbox firmware with MB SD connect compact 4 successfully. This blog is for sharing the steps. Hope [...]

Tacho Pro U2008 Adjust Mileage for Toyota Corolla C46

This blog is described around the issue that how to read eeprom when adjust mileage with Tacho Pro U2008. Sincerely hope this will help friends with the same problems. Car [...]

Old and New OBDSTAR X-100 Key Programmer Comparison

Since OBDSTAR released the auto key programmer X100 pro, it has become more and more popular among OBD customers. However, compared with the old X-100, X-100 pro has its [...]

 Mazda CX 5 Key Programming with OBDSTAR F100

Recently, OBDSTAR has released the newest key programmer tool F100 for Mazda and Ford.Here is the instruction about how to program smart keys on Mazda CX5. Basic [...]

OBDSTAR F100 Odometer Adjustment for Mazda CX5

OBDSTAR has now released F100 odometer adjustment tool for Mazda and Ford. Here is the instruction on how to use it to adjust the odometer for Mazda CX5. Basic info of [...]

Key Programmers for BMW CAS4CAS4+

Cardiag has released some BMW key programmers including CKM100 unlimited tokens, CKM100 390 tokens,Digimaster 3 unlimited tokens and Digimaster3 980Tokens, especially for [...]

2014D Vida DiceCan’t Reset SRS Faults for Volvo V70(fixed)

This is about how to solve resetting problems about SRS fault-codes when using the 2014D Vida Dice diagnostic tool for Volvo V70. Car model and year: 2002, Volvo [...]

Volvo Vida Dice 2014D FAQ for Customers

Several frequently asked questions on 2014D Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool are provided here, in which customers can get more basic information about instruction on [...]

FAQ About 2016.03 MB SD Connect Compact 4

sd-c4-6 is newly released the diagnostic tool of 2016.03 SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic tool.In order to help users have a clear understanding on this tool, all [...]

SD Connect C4 change Mercedes time and date in cluster

Here is the instruction on how to change MB time/date with 2016.03 SD Connect C4 DAS/Xentry software. Equipment: I have bought Star Diagnostic multiplexer with [...]

Original XTOOL EZ300 diagnose for 4 systems TPMS and Oil Light Reset

This post mainly introduce EZ300 all detailed information, including features, advantages, function, vehicle coverage, etc. EZ300 package: What adapters and cables [...]

2016 INPA K+CAN Cable Switch & FT232RQ Chip

This is the basic instruction on BMW INPA K+CAN FT232RQ Chip that works on BMW with 8 pin and K-line protocol. This newest device is popular with users in a short time. The [...]