Autel General Gateway Access (AutoAuth) Now Available for Nissan!

Dear Autel Users:

General Gateway Access (AutoAuth) now is available for Nissan Vehicles.


Allowed Functions:

Access secured system and complete diagnostics (clearing, bi-directional control, active test, special functions…)


Supported List:


Sentras 2020-

Pathfinders 2022-

Rogues 2021-


>Autel Tablet

Autel MaxiSYS Ultra

Autel MS919

Autel MS909

Autel MS906PRO

Autel MS906PRO-TS

*Remaining tablets will receive the update by May 30, 2024



1)Ensure an activate subscription in your Autel Diagnostic Tablet and good Wi-Fi connection

2)AutoAuth has never covered Key Programming and is for diagnostics only


*If you still have no idea about how to activate AutoAuth on Autel Tablets, Please Check out

How to Authorize Autel Diagnostic System FCA SGW Access AutoAuth?

Stay tuned!